Data Backup & Recovery

Data backup is a form of disaster recovery and should be part of any disaster recovery plan.

Laptop Repair

Laptop repair is the process of identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in a faulty computer.

Computer Repair

Computer repair is a broad field encompassing many tools, techniques and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software or network/Internet problems.

Hardware Upgrade

Hardware in the context of technology, refers to the physical elements that make up a computer or electronic system and everything else involved that is physically tangible.

Networking Troubleshooting

Network troubleshooting is the collective measures and processes used to identify, diagnose and resolve problems and issues within a computer network.

Virus & Spyware Removal

A virus removal is the process of manually or automatically deleting or disinfecting a computer virus, malware or other malicious program on a computing device.

Custom Built Computers

A build to order (BTO) product is custom-made for a specific customer according to what the customer requests.

Slow Computer Optimizing

When you PC starts to slow and starts to become unresponsive, not all is lost, at Eazy PC Repairs we will use or expertise to optimize 99% of slow PC's.